Lt Col. Claude A. Thorp

Lt. Col. Claude Thorp was the former Provost Marshall of Fort Stotsenburg, Luzon, Pampanga, Philippines. He was credit with being the founder of the Luzon Guerrilla Force to sabotage Japanese war operations...

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The Claude A. Thorp American Legion Post 10 is a veteran’s service organization which is charted to meet certain needs of the Angeles City Pampanga, United States military veteran community...

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Meet the Officers

Fellow Legionnaires and Friends, welcome to the Claude A. Thorp, American Legion Post 10 website. The Post is located at 484 Don Juico St, directly across from the Clark Veteran Cemetery...

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Membership Applications Available At The Counter And In The Office
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Post 10 is a small Post with approximately 40 members. We continue to grow yearly, as more and more eligible members of the community become aware of the services and programs we offer. Post 10 is always looking for new members and welcomes all eligible individuals and hopes to build a lifetime relationship with everyone that visit the Post for whatever reason. If you served honorably during any of the following eligible war eras, you are eligible to become a member of Post 10, and of course present day active duty members.

April 6, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1918 (World War I)
Dec. 7, 1941 to Dec. 31, 1946 (World War II)
June 25, 1950 to Jan. 31, 1955 (Korean War)
Feb. 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975 (Vietnam War)
Aug. 24, 1982 to July 31, 1984 (Lebanon / Grenada)
Dec. 20, 1989 to Jan. 31, 1990 (Panama)
Aug. 2, 1990 to today (Gulf War / War On Terrorism)

The Post offers lifetime and annual membership options.

Annual dues are P1600 ($40.00), payable to the Post.

Our lifetime membership dues are determine by age category. Stop by the Post, so we can work your lifetime membership formula with you.

To determine eligibility, simply stop by the post or go to If you determine you are eligible for membership, download a copy of the application form and bring it into the office and we will be happy to assist you with processing your membership application. Provide a copy of your latest DD-214 or eligibility document with your application. Duplicate DD-214's can be obtained online by going to the website eVetRecs.

Download Application form by clicking the button below:
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