Commander William C. Johnson

Fellow Legionnaires and Friends, welcome to the Claude A. Thorp, American Legion Post 10 website.  The Post is located at 484 Don Juico St, directly across from the Clark Veteran Cemetery.  American Legion Post 10 has a long history of serving the community dating back to Feb 1975.  The purpose of this website is to provide information to the members, veterans, spouses, friends and dependents residing in the Angeles City, Pampanga area.  We have a small Post, but are actively involved in developing and sponsoring programs and activities to meet the needs and desires of our clientele.  We will attempt to keep this website up to date and current with the latest information, which may interest you.  You can reach us on email alpost10.pi.pc@gmail or phone 045-322-1950.  Feel free to browse the different links to this website to reach the information you may need, i.e., Son of the American Legion, Legion Riders, Ladies Auxiliary, etc.



Commander Edward J. Craft

1st Vice Commander
Edward J. Craft


2nd Vice Commander
James C. Stuckey

The Post is alive with monthly programs and activities that continue to meet the expectations of the membership and casual social users.  At the same time, the staff continues to keep focused on the reason we are here, which is to support the veterans and their family members with issues they face on a daily basis.  We have gained a reputation as one of the “first” stops for many issues related to Veterans Administration benefits and treatment, local hospital issues, social security questions and much more.  Please take the time to view the links on this website for information, which may be of benefit to you.


Cedric Sanders

As the Post Chaplain, it gives me great pleasure to provide spiritual leadership and moral guidance in our daily undertakings in meeting the needs of the members, veterans and their family members.  I am sure it is the Grand design for us to take care of one another and be here to assist you with your burdens and advise on areas of concern.We promised to be there for the Post members, veterans and their family members in their times of need.



My job entails keeping the leadership of the Post within due bonds of the tenets of the constitution of the American Legion and ensure proper distribution and utilization of the sometime limited Post funds.  I am please that the programs and activities offered, continue to meet the needs and expectations of the membership.  Please feel free to visit our Post and support programs offered.


Post Adjutant
Ralph L. Shireman

Post 10 is very active in providing support and developing relationships with various charities and military support type groups in our local community, and are committed to providing whatever support is asked and within our means to support.  The Post provides support to many joint ventures, such as Christmas basket give aways for disadvantage community members, Easter egg hunts and related activities.  To see how you can help and support some the activities and programs, stop by the Post or call 045-322-1950.

Auditor David Myrand

Post Sgt-at-Arms
David Myrand

Administrative Assistant Daisy Mateo

Administrative Assistant
Daisy Mateo

Assisting the Veteran and their family members, who come to the Post for assistance in navigating through the sometime difficult processes of completing Veteran Administration forms and other documents, it is a challenging job.  I work with American Legion Department of the Philippines staff to ensure Departmental requirements are met.  I serve as the liason to the Post Women’s Support Group to develop Post holiday programs and group functions, throughout the year.


Commander Edward J. Craft

Food and Beverage Manager-Legionnaire
Edward J. Craft

My job is to support the Post by managering our food and beverage program.  At times, this is huge, but a rewarding challenge.  We have been able to maintain and become a steady contributor to generating funds to offset the Post operating cost.  Improved customer service, facility upgrades and a revitalized menu has significantly enhanced utilization of the restaurant and bar area.  We offer a full menu of Filipino and American meal choices, as well as daily lunch and dinner specials.  Additionally, we can cater small functions either in house or take outs.  Check with our food and beverage staff, I am sure we will be able to meet your needs.